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Welcome to Tu Madré, where an epic culinary journey began with a simple taco stand and a madcap dream! It all started when young Madré, after a bold attempt at making a traditional taco using her mother’s recipe, accidentally used fried chicken instead of the usual fillings. The result? A crazy delicious concoction that made everyone exclaim, “Holy Guacamole!”
From that serendipitous mistake, Madré embarked on a mission to reinvent the taco. She dared to pair ahi tuna with tortillas, added a twist of lime, and voila! A new star was born in the taco universe. Through trial and triumph, Madré’s unconventional approach led her to create the best non-traditional tacos around, and in doing so, she revolutionized LA’s food scene.
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 And then there were the margaritas! Madré, in her ever-so-spirited fashion, decided that a single margarita was never enough. So, she introduced dazzling margarita flights, each one a toast to her journey from a small taco stand to the heart of LA’s culinary scene.
From first dates to 10th anniversaries, to the grandest of group gatherings, Tu Madré has become the go-to place for tacos and tequila. It’s the only place in LA where “the mother of all tacos” isn’t just an expression – it’s a legacy! Come join the fiesta at Tu Madré, and remember, here, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, one taco at a time.

Over the years, we’ve expanded to locations throughout the city, including Westwood, Larchmont, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Los Feliz. Who knows, maybe a Tu Madre opening in your hood is just around the corner.

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